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best truck guns

5 Great Truck Guns

5 Awesome “Truck Gun” Pistols Thing about “truck guns” is that not all of the suggested candidates are easy to hide, nor…

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zeroing and sighting in scope

Gun Sights: Zeroing Targets and Sighting in Scopes

What is Zeroing? Zeroing is when you simply align your rifle’s sights for better accuracy. This is not magic to manipulate your…

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alien gear cloak tuck 3 holster

Gear Review: Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB Holster

What to look for in an IWB Holster In America today, every state in the Union permits adults to carry a concealed…

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is an ar 15 an assault rifle

All About the AR 15 Rifle

Is the AR 15 an Assault Rifle? Let’s be clear. The simple answer is NO, the AR 15 is not an assault…

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best owb holster

Gear Review: Alien Gear Cloak Mod OWB Holster

What to Look for in an OWB Holster As a proud American, I am so grateful to the Founding Fathers for having…

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long distance shooting

How to Become an Expert in Long Range Rifle Shooting

Just What is Long Range Rifle Shooting? Long range rifle shooting is just that – shooting a rifle at a specific target…

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reactive targets

The Beginner’s Guide to Reactive Targets

What would be an ingenious invention for anyone that wants to improve their accuracy and speed when shooting? You don’t have to…

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best sig guns

What are the Best Sig Sauer Pistols to Own?

What makes Sig pistols better? In 1853, 3 gentlemen started a venture into creating a wagon factory in Switzerland. This took quite…

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how to become the best at concealed carry

How to Become the Best at Concealed Carry

What is CCW? CCW means carrying a concealed weapon on oneself in public. CCW is usually referred to carrying a concealed firearm…

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best gun related blog posts

Best 7 Gun Related Blog Posts of 2016

As everyone is trading their pumpkins for pumpkin spice lattes and getting ready for the snow that is soon to follow which…

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