In Horrifying Struggle, Rape Victim Snatches Assailant’s Gun and Shoots Him in the Face

Annie Stonebreaker - October 13, 2015

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Rapist gets his when his victim grabs his gun and shoots him twice with it

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Accused rapist Duane Portman Sr. kidnapped a woman, brought her back to his work where he was employed as janitorial service, and proceeded to rape her. It was about 3 a.m. at Labelz 4 Less in Springfield, OH, when Portman held a gun to the woman’s head and raped her.

However, this woman decided she wasn’t going to be an easy target for her assailant so she fought and wrestled the gun away from Portman. She then fired and shot him twice in the face. She then ran and drove herself to the hospital. The rapist also drove himself to the hospital but was “confused” and “unable to tell police the circumstances surrounding the shooting.”

cloak tuck 3.0Hmm I wonder if it was the bullets to the face that caused him confusion and difficulty confessing? Or the fact that he didn’t want to incriminate himself as a rapist to police. The answer became clear when he pleaded not guilty to the rape charges. Either way it only took the jury four hours to convict him with the evidence provided in trial.

He obviously survived the shots to the face with minimal injuries, and arrived to court with a bandage covering his eye.

It was incredible that the woman found it in her to fight back against a rapist who was holding a gun to her head. She refused to let a stranger gamble with her life. It must have been terrifying not knowing if her rapist would chose to let her live after victimizing her. Situations like this are examples of why our right to the Second Amendment is so important.

Rapes, robberies and murders are prevented every day by law-abiding citizens with guns. Not only do guns prevent crimes, they deter future crimes.

You never know when you could be targeted in a situation like this or just be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Our right to bear arms was created with our protection in mind, and it’s important to realize this and be prepared for an emergency situation.





  • Broz

    WHY is this sh*tstain still alive???

  • Saint_Barry

    It’s very disappointing that he survived.

  • Ben

    For the sake of the rapist it is a good thing he couldn’t afford good ammunition. The bullets must have been some cheap no name brand target rounds or he is just extremely thick headed or both. Probably both.

  • TyreByter


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