Best Handguns for Concealed Carry 2015

In this video we cover the most popular handguns used in concealed carry for 2015 as of Feb. 24th. Data based off of YTD sales from concealed carry company, Alien Gear Holsters: Alien Gear Site


cloak tuck 3.0

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#10. Springfield XD-9 Service Model 4′
Range Time TS
Springfield XD-9 Service Model 4′

#9. XD 9mm Subcompact
XD 9mm Subcompact

#8 Ruger SR9c
Ruger SR9c

#7 Springfield XD Mod 2 Subcompact 9mm
Springfield XD Mod 2 Subcompact 9mm

#6 Glock 42
Glock 42

#5 Glock 17/22
Glock 17/22

#4 Springfield XDS
Springfield XDS

#3 Glock 26/27
Mrgunsngear Channel
Glock 26/27

#2 S&W M&P Shield 9mm
S&W M&P Shield 9mm

#1 Glock 19/23
Glock 19/23

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  • Mike Charles

    I’m not sure how I got to this site, I’t was the best thing to happen to me, for a long time! I love Defend & Carry, and this will be the first of many times I’ll be here. I love the info on guns, and you selected my S&W MP as the #2 concealed gun in your report.Sure glad I found you! Sincerely, J.M. Charles (Mike)

    • jerryweesner

      bought my Glock 23 couple years ago and still prefer it over my other weapons. Feels good in the hand and very accurate out of the box.

  • William C. Ford

    I like my Glock 30sf!

  • Armyman

    Number 2 and 8 .40 cal will kill your soul.

  • HK Defender

    I cannot take this video seriously when the #1 best CCW, the H&K P2000sk or P30sk is not shown. Myself, I would have to rename this presentation as 10 good carry arms on a budget for those who might not afford a Heckler & Koch. I’m not dogging the other brands. It is just that the word “best” was used, therefore the best should have been represented. H&K is a sidearm I’ll stake my life on over just about any other make. If I want to save a few dollars, I’ll purchase cheaper TP and put the savings toward an HK.

    • Logan Church

      The title doesn’t say top ten concealed carry guns based on your opinion!

      • HK Defender

        True, it does say top ten by popularity and perhaps the population buys other because they are less aware of the best choice for a sidearm you can really trust your life with. That is why it would be nice if the poll was broader to capture the vote by the people who carry professionally in the most dangerous of jobs. Sort of like Wallmart being so popular for cheap prices and lower quality at bargain dollars vs… well, anything really good. Glock is well known because they offer a cheaper product that wins bids for LE uses. Therefore much of the LE community carries Glock and thus people believe Glock to be good. (I’m not saying a Glock does not work for many) However, those people then have to upgrade the gun so much to get it right. With an HK, it is engineered for defense and not low cost volume, therefore it was made right to begin with and does not need any upgrades. . H&K makes some of the finest, most serious combat arms known on the planet today and has for many decades. The MP5 is still sought after and used everywhere serious people are working. The White House uses the German MP5 as well as most modern countries top men. Then you get into heavier arms and the sidearms those men and women carry in serious situations. Here domestically, those who realize a jam up can cost them the dearest of all… they carry HK. I’d eat ramen noodles and peanut butter if I had to, in order to save the money to upgrade to HK because it is an investment that might save my life. Cheap beer maybe… cheap range ammo, ok… but not the mechanism that is paramount to saving my life. Heckler & Koch – No Compromise*

    • Charles G.

      It’s based off of Alien Gear Holster YTD holster sales. They disclose this in the write-up.

    • RickHrvy

      Totally agree with you HK Sir…My concealed favorite is my Kel-Tec P-11 9mm that I bought for $199 around 1996…It has had about 5000 rounds put through it and I can honestly say it had only one ‘stovepipe’ on the first day at the range and that may have been me limp wristing the little bugger…Anything you hit with it after 7 or 8 yards is pure luck but at 6 to 7 yards I can put 11 rounds in a pie plate size circle at COM…But lately I find myself also carrying my Remington .45cal. 1911 just for the additional stopping power of 45 vs 9mm hollow points…PEACE!!!

  • Barry Simmonds

    So, while a number of pretty good guns were mentioned…..Springfield XD had 4 mentioned and I believe Glocks had 3 or 4 also mentioned. All good guns….but the point is this. Pick up, hold and if possible, shoot everything to determine what feels good in your hand, points where you look….and is easily concealable. I just picked up a new XDm compact and absolutly love it. However, not everyone can afford a higher priced firearm. So there are a lot of others out there including revolvers which are often very affordable.

  • Charles G.

    It’s based off of Alien Gear Holster YTD holster sales. They disclose this in the write-up

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  • Allen Benge

    I purchased a Glock when they first invaded the US. I hated it. Although it might be popular, I still feel it is greatly over-rated. I happen to like the Springfield line. right now, however, I am carrying a Hi-Point .40. For three basic reasons. 1. Reliability. It goes bang every time you press the GO button. 2. Cost. I purchased a pistol AND a carbine for less than my previous love, the Springfield would have cost. Both arms use not only the same ammo, but the same magazines. 3. Accuracy. The pistol gives my inch and a quarter groups at fifty yards. Another factor is the Hi-Point warranty. If anything, and I mean anything goes wrong, you send the pistol back to Ohio, and in less than two weeks, you get the pistol back, any missing or broken parts replaced, magazines tuned and test fired, at no expense to you, and sometimes an new magazine for the inconvenience.